Botox: how young is too young?



In a world of selfies, Instagram filters and apps that add virtual make up to a photo to ensure the perfect portrait, it’s no surprise young people are looking for Botox treatments to reduce wrinkles and lip fillers to help create an Angelina Jolie pout; but how young is too young for these aesthetic treatments?

My client base is mostly women aged 35+ however, I am on occasion approached by girls as young as 18 asking me to administer Botox. It’s a moral dilemma that faces aesthetic practitioners all over the world but unfortunately many choose to ignore their professional responsibility and give unnecessary treatments to girls as young as 17. I’ve seen the physical and emotional effects of women who have undergone aesthetic treatments too early – it can encourage an unhealthy obsession with non-existent facial lines and in my opinion, ruins the developing, natural beauty of these young women.

A study published in the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing has presented a slightly more worrying issue than just the physical implications of having Botox treatments too early . “As a human being, our ability to demonstrate a wide range of emotions is very dependent on facial expressions,” explained Helena Collier, one of the study’s researchers. “If you wipe those expressions out, this might stunt [young people’s] emotional and social development,” she said.

The human brain responds to what your body does – smiling (even when you don’t feel like it) invokes happiness whereas frowning can lower your mood without you even realising. Collier expressed her fear that “a growing generation of blank-faced” young people could result in a future unable to accurately convey their emotions. “Treatment with drugs like Botox prevents the patient from being able to make a particular expression and can therefore have an effect on our learning to feel emotions naturally.”

At MAKING FACES I aim to help my clients to look their natural best. Through repeat consultations I work to understand each clients individual expectations and will always offer honest advice on what I think will help to achieve a natural result. If I can’t administer the treatment aclient is looking for, I will always do my best to offer an alternative. Incredible results can be achieved through an effective skin care regime and other, less invasive treatments such as Derma Roller and Venus Freeze facials.

If you would like a free, confidential consultation please don’t hesitate to call me on: 07832 210 976.

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