ZO by Dr. Zein Obagi – The solution for your skin health

It is reported that the average woman will spend over £8,500 on skin products in her lifetime. Cleansers, moisturisers and anti-aging creams make up a large part of this number and it’s often mind boggling to look at the array of creams on the shelves at Boots that claim to lift, plump, create a glow or reduce wrinkles.

Dr Zen Obagi is a world renowned skin health expert who’s life long passion for creating healthy skin led him to create a range of products that have revolutionised skin care. He realises that skin health is a science and like any other science, is not static. Therefore, the need for improvement, expansion, and continuous adjustment is not only essential, but also necessary in obtaining optimal treatment results. What makes ZO® Skin Health and ZO® Medical products different is that they offer expanded benefits, improved treatment protocol results, broadened margins of safety, economical products, and increased patient compliance by offering the concept of prevention.

By restricting availability of their products to physicians’ such as MAKING FACES, they eliminate patient self-treating without medical supervision and, as a result, restore and strengthen the bonds between physicians and their patients.

From maintenance products such as cleansers and colour correcting creams, to more specialist treatments that target skin problems such as acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and aging; ZO Skin Health is the solution for optimising the true health of your skin.

MAKING FACES asked Emma, 25 and a user of Zo Skin Health products for 3 years how it’s changed her skin:

” I spend a lot of time outdoors and was struggling, particularly during the Winter with wind burnt, dry and uneven skin. Terrified that i’d end up with a face that looks like a leather boot at 50, I contacted Sharon to ask what I could do to improve my skin at a deeper level than just using an intense moisturiser. She explained the benefits of ZO products and how they work and I purchased an ‘advanced anti-aging skin care kit’ which contained different products for both day and night. I noticed a difference in my skin after about 1 week of using the products every day. It looked and felt calmer and I noticed myself needing to use less BB cream and foundation to cover up the uneven, blotchy patches. I am so happy with the difference its made and I feel much more confident in my skin. Off the shelf creams weren’t enough for me and nothing feels as good on my skin now, I only use Zen Obagi.”

We need to make sure we’re getting the most from our skin care regime. If you suffer with a condition that makes you feel self-conscious or want to really optimise the health of your skin, talk to Sharon about what ZO Skin Health products can do for you.

If we’re gonna spend just short of £10,000 on skin products in this lifetime, we might as well look fabulous doing it.

ZO Skin Health by Zen Obagi's night cream bursting with retinol featured in InStyle.

ZO Skin Health by Zen Obagi’s night cream bursting with retinol featured in InStyle.

Zo Skin Health by Zen Obagi's hand recovery cream featured in Harper's Bazaar.

Zo Skin Health by Zen Obagi’s hand recovery cream featured in Harper’s Bazaar.


ZO Skin Health by Zen Obagi's Growth Factor Serum & Overnight Recovery Cream featured in Grazia

ZO Skin Health by Zen Obagi’s Growth Factor Serum & Overnight Recovery Cream featured in Grazia

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