Lip Rejuvenation

What happens to lips as we get older?

Whilst lip size and shape are genetically determined, as we age, the decreased production of collagen and elastin molecules and naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid causes lips to loose their volume and become thinner.  This can start to happen as early as the late 20’s and 30’s!

Lifestyle factors can also play a part in ‘premature’ lip thinning, so:

  • Avoid straws and puckering your lips
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Use oil based lip Products
  • Don’t smoke
  • Use a lip stick or lip product with an SPF
  • Include plenty of protein, Vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet.

What else can we do?

Medical options include injectable lip fillers to replace and stimulate the lost Hyaluronic Acid.  The new, advanced filler products are so soft and smooth and consist of natural Hyaluronic Acid and often Lidocaine anaesthetic which numbs the lips as it’s injected.

The Lip Rejuvenation Package: £250

Subtle re-definition of the vermillion border, or lip line, which can become almost non-existent as we get older.

Gentle plumping of the lip body with Hyaluronic Acid filler which adds both volume and moisture to the dehydrated tissues.

FREE  Epionce Anti-Aging Lip Renewal Balm, worth £17, to help care for your new lips.


Lip Renewal is a powerful daily-use treatment formula designed for the unique lip area which includes:

  • Anti-inflammatory barrier repair.
  • Improved appearance of lip lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps Increase hydration.
  • Reveals soft supple lips.




New Product: Belotero® Lips

Last month Merz (a global leader in medical aesthetics) announced the launch of Belotero® Lips; a new product specifically designed for lip enhancement and the treatment of lines around the mouth. It includes two hyaluronic acid dermal filler products – ‘Shape’ and ‘Contour’ that compliment each other to deliver safe, effective and natural looking results.

Lip fillers are now among the most frequently requested procedures in aesthetic practices, in part due to the popularisation of the treatment by celebrities and social media influencers. However, the new Belotero® Lips campaign focuses on the importance of your own unique and individual beauty using the tag line “Showing off not just you – but an enhanced version of you.”

Single products are often not versatile enough to deliver the personalised result desired by many clients of aesthetic practitioners. The development of two products that work in harmony with each other to target different aspects of the lips and their shape, is revolutionary! It also means that practitioners can be more creative, adapting the procedure to meet the needs and desires of each patient on an individual basis.

Client expectations are high – and so they should be! We believe in results that are long lasting and comfortable, but that also enable you to look your natural best.
Versatile and complimentary, Belotero® Lips ‘Shape’ is used to enhance and augment the upper and lower lip, while Belotero® Lips ‘Contour’ is designed to define the outline of the lip.

In a recent clinical assessment involving 146 patients, the vast majority (87%) rated Belotero Lips® as very good for naturalness and evenness and this assessment was maintained at 66.7% after 4 months.
As with all lip augmentation treatments, common side effects include swelling, bruising, tenderness, pain and redness.

We are really excited about this new product and it will soon be available at MAKING FACES! Contact me on 07832 210 976 or email to arrange a consultation.